N I C E  T O  M E E T  Y O U


We're Katy + Ilana: two travel nerds with culinary backgrounds. 

We're professional chefs, writers, & photographers. We make a lot of silly decisions, eat a lot of really good food, and develop recipes based on where we go and what we eat. 

This is a portfolio of our collective efforts -- our stories, our writing, photography, and recipes. 

Once upon a time... we bought a 1973 Toyota Chinook and decided to live and cook out of it. Then we sold it and bought a 1988 Toyota Sunrader that killed itself 2 months later in Roswell, New Mexico. Now we're still traveling, eating, cooking, & writing about it from the safety of a shitty Brooklyn apartment (Katy) and a fairly reliable car (Ilana).

Stay tuned - theres some cool sh*t in the works. 

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