We’re making a zine, and we’re really excited about it. Mostly, we want to build a space for everyone to express and explore themselves outside of the strict guidelines of traditional publications.

It’ll be a celebration of creativity and individuality with a focus on food & drink - because we believe food is what connects us all: across all political, social, religious, and geographical boundaries.

We’re calling it So What Who Cares because we’re doing this for the sake of it: for the pure human joy of creating something. And we want your voice to be a part of it.


Call For Submissions

We’re looking for anything and everything - whatever stories you want to tell, however you express yourself through art.

This can include:

  • Short-form writing (poetry, vignettes, quotes) 

  • Long-form writing (personal essays, features on people or places, Interviews) 

  • Visual Art (photography, painting, drawings, collages, mixed media) 

  • Photos or Photo Essays 

  • and honestly, anything else.  

In our first issue, Community, we want to call attention to and honor those closest in our community. And we want to hear all your thoughts and stories about your community:

  • How does food & drink play a role in your community? 

  • Do you have a unique food culture in your community? Do you wish you did? 

  • Do you have deep nostalgic ties to a specific food or drink?

  • How has food strengthened or weakened your community? 

  • Who are the food leaders or visionaries in your community? Who are the assholes in your community?

Be creative, be inspired, and above all - have fun. We’ll be accepting submissions through February 1, 2019 (and if you miss the deadline, who cares? We can probably fit you in). Submit in the form below or email us at free the picnic at gmail dot com with the subject line, “So What Who Cares?”

Looking forward to hearing from you all. 

XO, Katy and Ilana 


Have an idea for our first issue about community? Tell us your name and what you'd like to contribute. We’d love to have you.

Name *

Please note, we’re open to all types of submissions but we do not support or publish hateful or derogatory works.

NOTE: Because this is a grass roots project, we can’t afford to pay contributors. But we value your craft and want you to feel valued, too. We’ll be giving 2 copies of the finished zine to every contributor: one for you and one to give away to a friend or foe (or to burn if like, you need warmth one night or that’s just your art – not here to judge). We look forward to paying for submissions in the future as this project continues to grow.